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Ezra Satok-Wolman is a Canadian jewellery artist and Master goldsmith who lives and works in Ontario, Canada.  His work has been exhibited extensively in museums and galleries throughout North America, Europe and Asia, and has received numerous awards and accolades.

Since 2009 Atelier Hg & Company Inc. has been producing fine contemporary jewellery, one piece at a time.  Owned and operated by Ezra and his partner Jennifer Howard, the small atelier caters to a niche market of high end jewellery connoisseurs and art jewellery aficionados.


In addition to his studio practice, Satok-Wolman regularly travels abroad to give lectures, teach workshops and participate in international conferences and forums.  He is an active member of the contemporary jewelry community and has published numerous essays and articles about the field.  Since 2016, he has served on the board of directors for the Society of North American Goldsmiths and was elected to a three year term. 

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