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The pieces in this collection represent the concept of “Oneness” and my interpretations of the geometry of the universe, the “Primordial Atom”, and the relationship between nature and mathematics. The Classic Greeks were convinced that nature was designed mathematically.

They were philosophically concerned with a rational explanation of everything, and saw the repetition of the Golden Ratio throughout the natural world, and all levels of reality, as a step towards a “Unifying Theory”. These philosophies remain contemporary even today, and resonate with me at a fundamental level.

Inspired by the Neoplatonic philosophy of macrocosm and microcosm, my work seeks to expose the underlying design within the building blocks and architecture of life and the Universe. Nature and life itself present perfect examples of order, structure, symmetry and geometry. Mathematics gives me the language needed to decode and reinterpret those elements in the jewelry I create.

Ezra Satok Wolman, 2014

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